Best Protein Shakes For Women (You Gems!)

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I get a lot of people asking me what are the best “Protein Shakes For Women?“. There are a number of fantastic protein shake recipes online but I’ll share a few of my favourite ones. These recipes work with almost any protein powder so hopefully a lot of you will find these useful.

protein shakes for womenThere are a few main steps to creating a good protein shake. The first step is your liquid base layer, this is extremely important because without this layer your shake may become to thick. Some good base layers are milk, skim milk, Greek yogurt, almond milk and water. Greek yogurt is considered quite good as it’s loaded with protein, however, you may find that it makes the shake quite thick so add a bit of water too.

The next layer is the contents. This can be anything really. Berries, bananas, apples, oranges are all great options. You can load up on a tonne of frozen fruits and switch it up as you please. Fresh stuff is good of course but I love having an arsenal of frozen fruits ready to be blended.

Finally, adding your protein powder is kicker. You can really use any protein powder you like. Having a nuetral protein powder will make it easier to create different options. I normally have a vanilla protein powder and a chocolate protein powder this gives me a bit of flexibility. For more information on protein powder and which ones are right for you check out

Recipes: Protein Shakes For Women

All Berry Smoothie
1 cup of water
2 cups of frozen raspberries
1 cup of frozen blueberries
1 scoop of your desired whey protein powder.
I add an orange to this one as well, it gives it a nice flavour. Also makes it nice an pulpy, if that’s your thing.

Greek Berry Smoothie
3/4 cup of Blueberry Greek Yogurt
1 banana (adds a nice taste to it)
Half a dozen frozen strawberries
1/4 cup cold water

Chocolate-Banana Smoothie
1.5 cups of water
1 banana
A handful of your favourite fresh berries.
2 scoops of a chocolate flavoured protein powder.

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