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I often get asked what time of the day is best for drinking protein shakes and I always answer the same way every single time. Protein shakes are great for breakfast. Why? Protein Powder can help you lose weight, gain lean muscle mass, and give you that extra kickstart in the morning. Adding protein powder to your morning shakes means you will get the appropriate calories, and have that energy you need to do all your morning activities. In the morning your metabolism it at it’s all time peak and adding protein to your breakfast will help you drop fat. Used in the right manor it can also help develop lean muscle tissue and also helps your muscles recover quicker from a workout.

If you are looking to both build lean muscle and lose some excess body weight, then you should be looking at a diet plan that has smaller meals, more often. These plans usually consist of a protein shake in the early morning for or with breakfast and then later in the afternoon again as a snack. Of course you would be eating your regular meals in-between these but in smaller portions.  The best way to stick to a diet plan like this is to get into a comfortable routine that won’t have you running for the door (or that piece of cheesecake). It also helps to have some protein shakes that are actually yummy. I’ve picked out a couple below, take a look and let me know what you think!

What could I put in my smoothies?


You’ll be looking to have a protein shake most days of the week so it’s important that you enjoy them!  You’ll be surprised how much goodness you can pack into one glass. You can add berries including strawberries, blue berries etc; Nuts: almonds, cashews, hazelnuts; Greens: Rocket, Spinach etc.Remember you’ll need a liquid to turn it into a drink! You can add milk, skim milk, almond milk, ice-cream, water, coconut water etc.

Picking what protein powder to put into your shakes can be a little trickier. If you’re a woman, I recommend checking out my all time favourite site for comparing protein powders: or if you are a man, maybe check out something more

My Favorite Recipes…

Yogurt Shake:

Yogurt is a great source of casein protein!

Add 1 cup of low fat yogurt to 1 cup of h2o and then simple add your favorite fruit! I love to add raspberries to this one but you can add whatever you fancy! Adding ice cubes will make it a little thicker. Mix it and enjoy it!


Vanilla Shake:

Vanilla doesn’t have to be boring! Include 1 (or two depending on your diet plan) scoops of vanilla whey protein for women to 1 cup of skim or almond milk. To this include one tablespoon of dry almonds, half cup of yummy berries and ice cubes. Blend and enjoy!

Banana Shake:

I put banana in almost all of my smoothies! For this one add one scoop of your favourite protein powder, to one banana and 2 cups of almond or soy milk depending on your taste preferences. If you are really watching your calories you can always just use chilled water. Include some dry cashews and raisins and you’re done! Again, you can add ice if you would like to make it thicker especially if you are only using water as your liquid.

And that’s it my little gems! Let me how you go with these recipes! I love hearing from all of our readers!

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