Curious about Gaining Muscle AND Losing Weight?

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You might be surprised to learn that Protein Shakes can be used to gain muscle and lose weight! Combined with the right health and fitness program of course! So today we’ll be answering a bunch of FAQ’s on this subject! Enjoy!

Can I really lose weight by drinking protein shakes?

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The short answer is yes.

For people who are looking to shed a couple of pounds, protein shakes can be utilised as meal replacements. They contain very few carbs and a heap of protein so they will make you feel full without packing on the calories. If you are serious about using protein shakes to lose weight or as a meal alternative, make sure you are using skim milk and sugar free ice cream or frozen yogurt. If you are really watching those calories, water will work nicely too.

Shakes are also a great way to get a whole bunch of vitamins you might not usually be getting. Try throwing in some spinach leaves and a handful of fruit! Yum!


What about Weight Gain?

A great workout plan matched with a healthy diet and protein shakes can be a great method to gaining more muscle. If you are striving to bulk up and gain muscle mass, you should get a protein powder with a lot of protein per scoop – 20g is a good estimate.

How many shakes per day?

This is really up to your current health plan but you should expect around one protein shake every day, normally in the early morning with breakfast to really kick start the day.

What should I put in my protein shakes?

There are almost endless combinations of protein smoothies so it’s really what you prefer. You could try adding fruit and vegetables, milk (or soy), ice, water etc.

Here’s a quick recipe to get you started:


1 banana

2 cubes of ice

1 cup of water

2 cups of milk

Chocolate protein powder

Blend it all together and there you go!

We hope this article was helpful for you today! We love hearing from you so please post below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


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