Finding Rest and Wellness in California Spas

A recent trip with a some of my lady-pals found us in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. The sun was shining down on us as we celebrated my 45 years on the Earth. Although this was a girls weekend and a opportunity for us to completely let-less, I wasn’t forgetting to eat healthy, in fact I stocked up on my protein rich snacks.

san francisco spa tripDuring our weekend we had quite a few tourist activities planned, including a overnight stay at one of the regions best wineries. However, a short group trip to a wellness day spa in the Bay Area really inspired this post. Although I tend to write a lot about the foods that we’re putting into our body, I rarely talk about how we should be treating the outside of our bodies. As we age, our skin is the first to show it; the trip to the welcome spa was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about how we can better take care of our skin and also how to completely rest and relax the mind.

We enjoyed a number of treatments such as a full deep-tissue massage – turns out I had a lot more built up muscle tension than I initially thought. I also had my first mud-mask facial; this organic ingredient treatment completely opened up the pores in my face. I’m definitely going to have to get this done again when I get home. We were helped by a team of lovely estheticians, including Emilka (check her out in action) – who no only were professional but educated us along the way. Check out the video linked above to see our experience.

The lesson learned from this experience is to remember to treat your body with care and give it some pampering every now and again. Our bodies get beat-up and battered each day, whether its running, going to the gym or just moving around with your daily routine. It’s good to step back and set aside some time for some proper rest and relaxation.