My favourite high protein snacks

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Protein is an important part of a balanced healthy lifestyle. Most people get protein from high protein meals that involve items such as chicken, beef, salmon. However, with busy schedules it’s not always easy to get protein from these foods.

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So whats the solution?


Snacking has received a bad reputation due to it’s association with junk food. But snacking doesn’t need to involve sugary and fatty items. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Here are a few snack that will protein you with a healthy dose of protein, without adding an abundance of unwanted carbs or sugars to your diet.

Low Fat Greek Yogurt is an extremely high source of protein. It’s full of calcium and can be mixed into a variety of different snacks. For example, using greek yogurt as a dip for carrots and celery.

Hard boiled eggs are a high protein snack that are quick and easy to make. One egg contains roughly 6g of protein.

Almonds are one of the best nuts when it comes to protein as they are low in saturated fats. You can add almonds to yogurt and even blend it with milk.

Beef jerky is another high protein snack. You have to make sure it’s not high in salt. However, if you find a healthy beef jerky you’re looking at an easy 11g of protein.

Protein Bars are an easy way to get a boost of protein. A healthier replacement to a chocolate bar, you’ll get a good dose of protein in an easy to travel with bar. There are plenty of different flavour and brands to choose from. The idea is to make sure you are actually getting protein, so, make sure you read the back label to determine whether you are getting a good amount of protein per bar.

Tuna in a can is a great, high protein snack. With about 25g of protein this can be the perfect addition to you sandwich. This can be a great alternative to your regular sandwich.

Protein shakes are another way to get a great deal of protein in a quick and easy drink. The best protein powder will be different for everyone. Even finding the best protein powder for women can be a challenge.

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