Which Protein Powder is Best?

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Protein powders used to be associated with jocks and gym junkies but over the last couple of years have become a lot more mainstream. That’s right, you don’t have to be a male bodybuilder who lives at the gym, people from all different demographics (young/old, male/female) all use protein powder on a everyday basis. You might have noticed the sudden spike in protein supplement companies that seem to have popped up on every corner to meet the needs of this ever growing group of people. This endless list of choices might seem daunting at first but this kind of demand from customers means that not only do we have a lot more choices but we have also created a competitive market which means protein prices have never been lower.

Picking the best protein powder for you…

Here’s a few questions you could be asking yourself:

1. What flavours do I like?

2. What am I wanting to get out of it? For example: do you want to lose weight/gain muscle etc

3. Do I need my protein powder to be vegetarian, vegan or gluten free?

The most important of these questions is obviously what you are looking to gain –  or in other words, what are you objectives?

If you are seeking a protein powder to use right after completing physical exercise (particularly weights), then a whey isolate protein or whey protein would be a good choice. Whey Protein Powder digest quite speedily and will make recovery time for your muscles a lot shorter.


If you are looking to use protein protein powder in a smoothie or as a meal supplement then you should be looking at a protein powder that digests a lot slower, so it will fill you up for longer. Casein Protein would be a excellent selection.

If you are a bodybuilder you could also have casein proteins at bedtime to assist in muscle restoration, stop muscle mass breakdown and also speed up recovery time. Just a note though, casein powder is much thicker than whey protein powder so might not be ideal for fruit smoothies. If you really want to just Casein Proteins but don’t like the thickness you could look into a blended protein powder which will include both.

Hopefully this article was helpful for you today! Thanks Gems!

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